About the Program

Meet the Team

Community Strength provides free group exercise classes for people who are interested in getting active but may not be sure where to start, feel they can't financially justify a gym membership, or are generally just looking to live a healthier lifestyle and really be part of a community.

The classes are led by graduating seniors from local Upper Valley high schools. These students are certified Group Fitness Instructors and are excited to apply these new skills to design mild to moderate intensity classes with you in mind! 

Summer Schedule
Outdoor Classes from June 22nd - August 22nd

Lebanon, NH 

(CCBA Pavilion)

Monday         4:30-5:00pm

Wednesday.  4:30-5:00pm

Saturday        10:30-11:00am

White River Junction, VT

(Hartford High School)

Monday         3:15-3:45pm

Wednesday.  3:15-3:45pm

Saturday        9:15-9:45am

Cody Davis

Cody is a graduating senior at Lebanon High School, where he is captain of the  cross country and track and field teams. He will study exercise science and biology at Sacred Heart University where he will continue to run at the Division 1 level, eventually pursuing a career in physical therapy.

Outside of running he enjoys hiking with his dog, going to sporting events, and reading. 

About the Classes

Community Strength classes are held outdoors, are 30 minutes in lengthand incorporate  

strength, cardio, and flexibility body weight exercises to provide you with a mild to moderate intensity, full body workout.

Instructors provide modifications to most exercises so that you can tailor the workouts to your preferred intensity level. 

 Sign up for a class  here!

Nicholas Kent

Nicholas is a graduating senior at Hartford High School. A true academic, Nicholas spends lots of his time at Hartford studying biology and working out in the fitness center where he is an avid powerlifter. He will be attending the University of Vermont in the fall of 2020 where he will be majoring in Exercise Science with the eventual goal of becoming a physical therapist.

John is the founder of Community Strength and a Lebanon native. A lifelong athlete who majored in Exercise and Movement Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, John enjoys finding ways to use his degree to improve his community. In his free time, John loves to get outdoors and explore the many hidden gems the Upper Valley has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions
What safety measure are being taken to prevent the spread of Coronavirus?
Classes will be held outdoors and follow safety guidelines recommended by the state of New Hampshire. These guidelines include temperature checks, health screenings, smaller class sizes, and social distancing measures to ensure participant safety. 
I'd love to join, but I don't really exercise...
Then this is the program for you! Community Strength is designed for people who are interested in starting to exercise, or continue to exercise at a mild to moderate intensity. Our instructors will provide you with modifications to tailor workouts to an intensity level that works for you every step of the way.
What happens if there's bad weather?
In the event of bad weather a cancellation email will be sent out by 2pm on weekdays, and 8:30am on weekends. Classes will be canceled in response to moderate to heavy rain, thunder, or lightning.
Do I need to bring anything?
We recommend bringing a pair of sneakers, a water bottle, and a towel for lying exercises and stretching. 
Do I need to sign anything?
Yes, before participating in your first class you'll need to sign a waiver releasing Community Strength from any liability. You can download a waiver here, or fill one out before class.
Do I need to sign up?
Yes, we ask people to sign up so that we can keep a record of who was in attendance for contact tracing purposes and send out cancellation emails in the event of bad weather. 
Where can I sign up?
Sign up for a class here!

John Cioffredi


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